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Tudor Royal 34


Tudor Royal 34
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Tudor: Established by the founder of Rolex

Founded in 1946, Tudor has since become known throughout the world for its technical expertise and its relationship with Rolex. The connection with Rolex is no coincidence since Tudor was also created by Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex. Over the years, Tudor has gained independence and established its own profile. This brand is known for its modern sports watches, but also its stylish, more retro models. All of Tudor’s watches are expertly crafted to guarantee a long life and low maintenance. The production techniques which are used for Rolex's waterproof Oyster cases are used for Tudor models too. In 2015, the watch brand integrated its own movements into its watches for the first time.

Loved by divers and motorsport enthusiasts alike

Tudor watches are not only convincing in their design; they have also been appreciated for decades for their functionality, especially the brand's diver’s watches. Models like the Montecarlo chronograph from 1971 are now much sought-after as collector's items. Older Tudor designs continue to be modernized in the brand’s Heritage line. Since 2009, Tudor has also been taking inspiration from the world of motorsports in its new lines.

Tudor has also been working with Breitling since 2017. The movements of the Tudor chronographs are manufactured in a Breitling factory. Tudor continues to make a name for itself with its innovative ideas in the use of new materials, such as high-tech ceramics, and new cases, such as the Tudor Black Shield’s monoblock case.

Tudor at Wempe

Tudor and Wempe have been working together since the early 1950s. Wempe's selection of sporty models is constantly growing. See for yourself and get to know selected Tudor watches online. Of course, you will also find sports watches in our branches too.