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Brooch Everloving Sunray

By Wempe Classics

Brooch Everloving Sunray
16.750 €
Minimalism brooch

By Wempe Casuals

Minimalism brooch
2.950 €

The Return of the Luxury Brooch

Necklaces are the obvious choice when it comes to adding some extravagance to an outfit, but, with a brooch, you can make a statement and really stand out from the crowd. Whether you want to add something special to the lapel of your blazer, the neckline of your dress, or the top of your high-necked sweater, a brooch set with diamonds from Wempe will make a real statement. Brooches in simple and playful designs made with the highest-quality materials will add wow factor to any outfit. Brooches can also be combined with earrings, bracelets, and rings, for maximum effect.

Brooches: From Antiquity to Modern-Day

The first brooches existed well before antiquity. In the past, they were mainly used to secure all kinds of garments. With the invention of the button in the 14th century, the brooch became a piece of jewelry. However, you can also use a brooch in a decorative and useful way by using the safety pin on the back to secure two pieces of cloth together. Or, you can choose to string your brooch onto a simple chain to create a completely new piece of jewelry. The choice is yours.


Service tip: If you can't find the right brooch online or in one of our showrooms, we can make a custom piece of jewelry for you instead. Equally, if you have an old brooch that you would like to modernize or integrate into your wardrobe somehow or have it remodeled into a new piece of jewelry altogether, we offer comprehensive services and can rework and refresh your brooch too. We will be happy to advise you on custom-made jewelry in one of our showrooms.