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Panerai: Luxury sports watches of the highest quality

In the world of luxury watches, some enthusiasts are committed to one brand in particular. But it’s only Panerai that has a fan base named after their love for the brand; they’re called the "Paneristi." The renaissance of this traditional Italian brand in recent years is something to behold. The secret of Panerai’s success lies in the authenticity of the new line, which revives the history of the house and brings it up to date with the latest watch technology.

Italian design meets Swiss Haute Horlogerie

Founded in 1860 in Florence, Panerai began life as a watchmaker's shop and school. Officine Panerai supplied the Italian Navy with precision watches for many years, especially the Navy’s diving teams. The models produced during the brand's early years, from the 1930s to the 1950s, including the Luminor and the Radiomir, were a military secret, as they were manufactured according to strict specifications provided by the Navy. The brand’s characteristics, which are so loved by the Paneristi today, are the result of many years of research. This research has resulted in the brand’s much-loved watches, which are durable, water-resistant, and easily readable. Panerai watches also feature unique details such as the legendary sandwich dial, the special cushion-shaped case, and the crown protection bridge, which continue to set genuine Panerai watches apart.

Exquisite and exclusive

The Italian brand had its international breakthrough after it was taken over by the Richemont Group in 1997. With the takeover came the opening of the first Panerai factory in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, in 2002. Since then, Panerai has been designing and manufacturing its own movements. Today, the luxury watch manufacturer specializes in the production of hand-wound and automatic movements with several high-quality functions, from the GMT function to the complete series of chronographs and the extended power reserve.

Panerai at Wempe

Like Wempe, Panerai also has a long history in the world of nautical science and the paths of the two companies first crossed in 1998. Since then, Wempe has offered a variety of Panerai watches in its branches and online. We provide a comprehensive service for the care and maintenance of your watch to ensure that you can enjoy your watch for as long as possible - from the replacement of the watch band to professional repairs and complete servicing – we can do it all.

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