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Eternally Beautiful: Gold Jewelry

There are few materials that represent elegance and beauty the way that gold does. It was one of the first metals to be processed by humans, and has always been used to make jewelry. For good reason, too, because genuine gold jewelry adds its own incomparable, gleaming yellow color. Thanks to sophisticated craftsmanship, gold jewelry has for a long time had more to offer than just a rich yellow gold. It also comes in warm intermediate shades of rose gold and cool white gold.  

Nice to know: Pure gold is much too soft to cast into jewelry pieces that last an eternity, so goldsmiths add various other metals to gold to form an alloy. Doing this not only makes the gold jewelry significantly more durable, but also gives it incomparable color nuances. Copper is added to the mixture for rose gold, for example, and yellow gold is created by combining pure gold, silver, copper, and zinc. 

Yellow Gold and Rose Gold Jewelry at Wempe

You can find gold jewelry of all shades at Wempe. Yellow gold and rose gold create a warm look that suits tanned skin and light clothing just as well as it matches high-necked gala outfits in muted colors. Jewelry made of yellow or rose gold can have a very different effect depending on its design, ranging from light and playful to classic and opulent. Diamonds, colored gemstones, and other exclusive materials complement and highlight the deep versatility of our gold jewelry.  

Gold Jewelry from Wempe Brands

Experience the gold jewelry from the Wempe brands yourself and let yourself be impressed. Wempe Casuals stands for yellow gold or rose gold jewelry for making a casual statement in everyday life. Wempe Statements, on the other hand, makes you ready for a grand appearance, with gold jewelry representing exceptional gestures and unique moments. With BY KIM, we honor confident women by offering jewelry creations that they will want to wear every day. In addition to these creations of ours as well as others, you can also find gold jewelry from selected partners in our range. 

Tip: For you to enjoy your yellow and rose gold jewelry for many years, we at Wempe offer extensive jewelry services, ranging from professional cleaning and polishing to inspections and repairs of settings and clasps.