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Chanel Première: De Paris, avec l’amour

The Chanel Première is worthy of its name because it was the very first watch from the legendary French fashion house. With the Chanel Première, Chanel took classic design codes and  haute couture colors and applied them to a watch. This watch has since become an established name in the field of layered, elegant jewelry watches.

Chanel Première: Elegance à la française

The Place Vendôme – a rectangular square built by King Louis XIV in the 17th century in the heart of the French capital – is the epitome of luxury. Here, all of the boutiques from famous jewelry and watch brands can be found like rows of pearls. With its mirror-smooth octagonal case, the Chanel Première is reminiscent of the shape of this iconic square. The watch's clean lines and balanced proportions reflect the simple elegance of timeless fashion classics and the dial, celebrates understated style in its purest form.

The Chanel Première and its refined straps

A special feature of the Chanel Première is its refined strap, which serves to highlight the understated elegance of the two-hand watch on the wrist. These straps include the narrow stainless steel chain strap with braided leather that can be looped three times around the arm, and a two-part stainless steel bracelet, which also comes with braided leather.

Chanel Première at Wempe

Selected Chanel watches have been available at Wempe's Nuremberg showroom since 2018 - and of course in our online store. As with all watches in our collection, you can also benefit from extensive services, some of which are free of charge, when you purchase a Chanel watch from us.