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Hoop earrings at Wempe: Ultramodern and contemporary

Delicate and filigree, expressive and dynamic, or sparkling and brilliant: You will find hoop earrings in a great variety of versions at Wempe. From the discreet, but impressive By Wempe Casuals hoop earrings and the opulent By Wempe Classics items to the creative BY KIM designs, we fully embrace the trend and render it to match your personal style.

Hoop earrings: Versatile pieces of jewelry 

Hoop earrings aren’t only impressive in classic yellow gold or silver: Modern rose gold, warm pink gold, and precious white gold harmonize perfectly with these varied pieces of jewelry. Diamonds, sapphires, and pearls complete the designs and bring to the fore the characteristic design vocabulary of hoop earrings. Not every jewelry line, however, interprets hoop earrings in their classical shape as a perfectly round circle: Oval, curved shapes provide these earrings with a modern flair, and variations in their width give them a lively look. The delicate Blu BY KIM hoop earrings surprise with spherical elements and beautifully complement the rings, bracelets, pendants, and necklaces of this jewelry line.

Hoop earring closures: For a secure hold 

The closure of a hoop earring secures your precious piece and besides its excellent mechanical properties, it must also make a beautiful impression. The most important versions are for example the slide closure, the click closure, and the hinged pin closure. With the slide closure, both ends of the hoop can pass through the closure. The closure of your earrings is thus nearly invisible and offers an extremely secure hold. The same applies for the click closure, which visually hardly differs from the slide closure and merely makes a click when you close the earring. Hoop earrings with a pin can easily be introduced into the closure thanks to a hinge and also offer a reliable protection from loss.

Our jewelry service for your hoop earrings

In our showrooms, we offer our professional jewelry service to ensure that your hoop earrings give you pleasure for many years to come and are reliable compagnons for every day and at special occasions. We are happy to polish and clean your favorite pieces, carry out repairs, and add personal engravings. We have compiled useful care tips for you for caring for your hoop earrings every day.