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Splendora BY KIM: Exclusive solitaires

Rings set with radiant solitaires hold more promise and meaning than almost any other piece of jewelry. The rings in the Splendora BY KIM jewelry line go one step further and truly perfect this promise. Each ring holds a diamond cut in the exclusive WEMPE-Cut® held by just four claws, and the setting basket is lined with a further 16 smaller diamonds. The smaller diamonds emphasize the incomparable brilliance of the central stone making the Splendora BY KIM ring the most beautiful and enduring gift you can give for an engagement or wedding.

Splendora BY KIM: Innovative brilliance

The heart of the Splendora BY KIM jewelry line is the WEMPE-Cut® solitaire, which is held in an innovative setting. For this exclusive cut, diamonds from 0.50 carats upwards are shaped by hand over many hours. With 137 facets, the solitaire shines in its incomparable round cut as it has 80 facets more than a classic brilliant-cut diamond. The setting also consists of four claws and a basket set with diamonds, as detailed above.

Bring your dream to life

The unique Splendora setting can be found on rings, bracelets, earrings or the pendants on a Puntino BY KIM necklace. All of the Splendora pieces are made of 18k white gold and all diamonds have a WEMPE-Cut® from 0.50 carats. If you would like a diamond with a larger carat or you would like the ring band to be a different tone of gold, please contact us. We will be happy to bring your dream Splendora BY KIM ring, or a bespoke creation to life for you.