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Amor Manet® pendant


Amor Manet® pendant

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Amor Manet® BY KIM—Jewelry with a Heartfelt Message

Tempus fugit amor manet translates as Time flies,love endures in English. This heartfelt message can be found engraved on the pendants, rings and other pieces of jewelry from Wempe and is an integral part of our success story. The final part of this message from the heart even lends its name to an entire jewelry line: Amor Manet® BY KIM.

A Special Font for Wempe

The words Amor manet is the central design element of the BY KIM line. But these words are not only full of emotional meaning, they're also engraved in a special typeface which celebrates love thanks to its delicate and aligned letters. The typeface, which was developed especially for Wempe, is inspired by the art of writing in calligraphy and the influence of calligraphy can be seen in the letter N, which is reversed in the Amor manet lettering.

Show Your Love with Amor Manet® BY KIM

The Amor Manet® BY KIM line is known for its understated yet expressive pieces of jewelry with clear surfaces and straight lines. Most of the necklaces, bracelets, pendants and rings made of precious silver or 18k rose gold. And the engraving can be found on small round plates, heart pendants or inscribed inside rings. These simple and elegant pieces of jewelry are the perfect gift for loved ones, for birthdays, Valentine's Day, and other special occasion, or as a gift for yourself, of course.


Good to know: Simple engravings are often free of charge as part of our extensive jewelry services. If you would like to have a piece of jewelry personalized with a special message or some other words or letters, we would be pleased to welcome you in one of our showrooms so we can advise you further. You can find us in Frankfurt, Munich and other large German cities, for example.