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Add a touch of class to your everyday life with gifts for yourself

Some moments belong to you all alone. In order to capture these moments and remember them forever, Wempe offers a range of unique gifts that you can give to yourself. Whether you choose a piece of jewelry with a high commemorative value, such as an eternity ring, a necklace, or bracelet, you can choose your own lucky charm to remind you of your achievements with special pendants in the shape of hearts, signs of the zodiac, and other symbols. Another good choice is a watch. Not only are our watches highly sophisticated, but they also symbolize the passing of time - and so you can commemorate many precious moments – in one stunning piece and wear it on your wrist for years to come. 

Finding and receiving gifts for yourself

You will find a selection of jewelry and watches online that are ideal for gifting to yourself. But our ideas for your gift don’t stop there. In our branches, we will be happy to advise you on customizing a gift for yourself. You could have a ring, or the back of a watch engraved, insert another stone into an eternity ring or commission us to rework a beloved piece of vintage jewelry. It’s also possible to commission us to make a custom made piece of jewelry according to your ideas. Wempe also offers a range of services for your gift, some of which are free of charge, and cover everything from cleaning and specialist care to repairs.