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Wempe|ASHOKA®: A Jewelry Line like No Other

In 2016, Kim-Eva Wempe and Eva Goldberg, daughter of the famous diamond dealer William Goldberg, met in New York. Together, they came up with the idea of creating a truly extraordinary jewelry line. And so, Wempe|ASHOKA® was born. Today, this diamond jewelry collection includes rings, earrings, and pendants, all inspired by the New York skyline. At the heart of the collection is a necklace made of 146 diamonds totaling more than 60 carats.

The History of the ASHOKA® Cut

The story of the original Ashoka diamond began in the third century. This first Ashoka diamond fascinated jewelry makers until, many centuries later, William Goldberg discovered the diamond's unique cut and began to perfect it. Fascinated by the play of light in diamonds, the New York diamond dealer modernized the cut, and in 1999 went so far as to patent it. Goldberg managed to create a cut with 62 facets, which meant that emeralds cut this way have five facets more than those with a brilliant cut. At the same time, diamonds cut in this way appear around 30 percent larger than a gemstone of the same weight with a classic emerald cut.