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A little extra for your ears: Earrings and studs at Wempe

Whether you’re looking for simple filigree earrings to match eye-catching necklaces or statement earrings that stand for themselves, you will find earrings of all sizes and styles at Wempe. Our simple solitaire earrings are timeless classics and are suitable for every day and every outfit. We offer solitaire diamonds in various carats and in different cuts. We also offer simple pearl studs, which are another classic choice for every day. But, if you want to make a big entrance we also have a range of earrings in more extraordinary designs too. You can choose earrings with shimmering diamonds, waterfall earrings with brilliant-cut diamonds, or earrings with delicate floral designs. We have everything from classic hoop earrings to sophisticated statement earrings.

Here’s our tip for combining your earrings: We offer earrings with detachable pendants. Taking off the long, hanging part, you can wear the earrings as simple ear studs, or you can combine the pendant with other studs from our range.

Hoop earrings, chandeliers, and studs from BY KIM

Among the most popular pieces of jewelry are the genuine classics from our BY KIM jewelry brand. The delicate Blu XS BY KIM hoop earrings are known for their beautiful spherical elements. In the Papillon BY KIM line, you will find heart-shaped studs, and in the Sundance BY KIM line, you will find earrings set with precious stones in a variety of colors and shapes. You can combine the earrings with bracelets, necklaces, or rings from the same jewelry line or decide to mix and match with pieces from different BY KIM lines.

And, here's another top tip for you: Earrings and studs make the perfect gift for a wedding or birthday. If your wife, fiancée, or best friend has a favorite line of jewelry from our BY KIM brand, then choosing a piece of jewelry for them will be particularly easy. We are happy to assist you in your search for the perfect piece of jewelry in any of our branches. You will find us at the best addresses in Germany and in New York, Paris, London, Vienna and Madrid.