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Three iconic watches with a new date—now at Wempe

The Nomos classics Tangente, Orion, and Ludwig are now available as large, slender, automatic watches with a new date—available now at Wempe.

Each one represents more than a quarter-century of watchmaking history: Tangente, Orion, and Ludwig from Nomos Glashütte have become iconic bestsellers, with multiple awards and worldwide demand. Now these watches have a new caliber: neomatik date, also known as DUW 6101. This groundbreaking automatic caliber has allowed the three classics to grow in size and receive an entirely new, tailor-made date display. 

New faces for the classics

The designers of the successful German watchmaking company have ensured that each model receives the perfect date display: Orion, renowned for its subtle beauty, now features a large date window at the edge of the dial at three o’clock; in Ludwig, Nomos’ most traditional timepiece, it’s at four o’clock. And Tangente features a circuit date—which is unique to Nomos Glashütte. 

A highly-efficient automatic: The neomatik caliber DUW 6101 is equipped with a special rotor. It winds itself in both directions—and hardly loses any energy while changing directions.

neomatik: cutting-edge mechanics, made in Germany

The ‘neomatik’ label represents a new generation of automatic calibers: slender, highly precise movements that have been completely redesigned and crafted by hand. At Nomos Glashütte the date ring is placed around the caliber, allowing neomatik date to remain exceptionally slender—although it has grown in size, and is now just under 41 millimeters across.

“Our classics have grown with this caliber. Also in terms of watchmaking.”

Uwe Ahrendt, CEO Nomos Glashütte

The watchmaking company invested over three years of research and development into the new neomatik caliber. The newly developed date can be set incredibly quickly, both forwards and backwards. It only takes half a turn of the crown to move the date.

Three updates

It is the original watch from Nomos Glashütte; Tangente is held as a masterpiece of straightforwardness and the face of the brand. With a diameter of just under 41 millimeters, this new version is larger than ever before—while remaining as slender as it ever was. Equipped with the new neomatik date caliber, this iconic timepiece now features a unique ring date: playful and yet precise, two red dots frame the current date.
Reduced to the essentials, no hour numerals or serifs, just clear yet gentle lines: that’s Orion. And the new date display fits this face perfectly. Orion neomatik 41 date features today’s date at the edge of its lightly curved dial at three o’clock—following in the aesthetic traditions of many other elegant watches.
Ludwig translates the classical into contemporary, and has done so for over 25 years—with its Roman numerals, rounded case, and exceptionally elegant lugs; this watch represents good order and proportions. Ludwig was always particularly slender and it remains so in this large, automatic version with a date function. This is eye-catchingly located at four o’clock in this model, adding a revolutionary touch to a classic.

Now available at Wempe

The three watches of the Nomos Update series are now available at Wempe. Come and discover the timeless beauty of these new models at your closest Wempe location.

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