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The avant-garde timepieces from Hublot generate vital momentum for the watch industry again and again.

Wempe Hublot Big-Bang watch
Watches Hublot
Big Bang
Wempe Hublot Big-Bang Popup 465.SV.7379.LR.1205.POP16
Watches Hublot
Big Bang Pop Art

All of us here have a special relationship with time — we repair it, so to speak.

Taco Walstra, Master Watchmaker
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Hublot has committed itself to the art of fusion. It creates surprising combinations of traditional and innovative materials.

When it was founded in 1980, the Hublot brand presented an innovative combination of gold and natural rubber. The creative concept of the “art of fusion” triggered a revolution in the watch industry — and so did Hublot’s “All Black” models. A leader in the development of innovative materials, the company remains closely connected with the tradition of microengineering.
Founded in:
At Wempe since:
Nyon, Switzerland
Wempe Hublot Classic Fusion 511.NX.7071.LR
Watches Hublot
Classic Fusion
Service Recommended care for your watch.
Wempe Hublot Big Bang Unico 411.NX.1170.RX
Watches Hublot
Big Bang Unico

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