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Wempe has become the victim of organized cybercrime

Since the morning of 24.06.2019 we could no longer use our IT. The reason was a hostage taking of our data on our own servers. A group of professional hackers had encrypted the data from our central servers and demanded a ransom.

We reacted immediately in this case. We immediately shut down the servers and called in external IT forensics and IT security experts. At the moment, according to the current status of the analysis, there are no indications of misappropriation of data of our customers and business partners. The data remained on our servers and was encrypted.

The IT forensics experts are currently analyzing all involved IT systems. Parallel to the activation of the IT forensics, we immediately informed the LKA Hamburg and the Hamburg Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information.

Together with our business partners, our employees have ensured all necessary measures for the continuation of business operations and thus the sale of our goods. In order not to escalate and jeopardize the situation and above all the communication with the hackers, we have deliberately prevented external communication after consultation with the LKA.

Currently, our main focus is on restoring the systems extremely carefully. We gradually make sure that there are no fragments of the attack in the systems left. For this reason, the restoring of the data will take some time.

At the same time, we are working to streamline business operations step by step and to restore our watch and jewelry services to our customers in the best possible way.

We are already implementing a new IT system and are revising the security concept. This will allow us in the future to better detect comparable attacks and attack attempts and to initiate necessary countermeasures. For this purpose, we also work together with external IT experts and data protection officers.

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