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How to buy a luxury watch – a theme night of Wempe and FT in London

The event on the topic “How to buy a luxury watch” at the Sofitel London St. James on 14 June offered exciting insights into the world of luxury watches.

At the event on the topic “How to buy a luxury watch”, Kim-Eva Wempe exchanged views in a lively discussion round with Simon de Burton, who hosted the evening, and further watch experts. Wempe welcomed more than 130 interested guests to this informative event carried out in co-operation with the Financial Times London. 

Impressions from the evening and comments of the participants can be seen in the following video: 
How to buy a luxury watch - Event in London in cooperation with FT London and Wempe Play Video
After the welcoming address of Simon de Burton, FT specialist author, it was Kim-Eva Wempe’s turn. With regard to the company’s history, she said: “When I started in '82 we had three watchmakers. Now there are 124 people in the watch service.  The evening continued with a lively panel discussion: the experts Paul David Maudsley (watch specialist at the auction house Phillips), Ahmed Rahman (watch collector), Simon de Burton (specialized journalist), Megan Young (watchmaker at Wempe London) and Kim-Eva Wempe discussed the development of the watch market. The sometimes very passionate debate included all motivations and backgrounds that are involved in buying a luxury watch. Is it worthwhile to buy a coveted vintage icon or is a modern investment item the better choice? The audience was invited to participate in the talk with questions and certainly returned home with sound advice. 
Simon de Burton led through the evening
watch experts give valuable tips
A panel discussion with 130 guests
Kim-Eva Wempe had been on stage with Simon de Burton
The audience is excited about the panel discussion
the event took place in the Sofitel St. James in London
How to buy a luxury watch - Kim-Eva Wempe talkes to other watch experts

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