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Remodeling – Old treasures in new glory

Sleeping Beauty had to wait 100 years to be kissed awake, but when it comes to your outdated jewelry, we’re a bit faster.

Gold jewellery on the scale

Have you been looking into your jewelry box without finding anything you’d like to wear? We know that feeling. We too own several pieces of jewelry, including some inherited ones, that don’t seem quite right or don’t match the colors we like to wear. That’s why we’re happy to lend new glory to your old treasures in our jewelry studio. This is where all of our remodeling and repair activities take place under the supervision of our studio head.

On the basis of your ideas, we provide you with preliminary sketches and non-binding suggested prices. And we then bring your piece of jewelry to new life through careful craftsmanship. Take a look through the jewelry you have at home and see if you don’t find an item that has sentimental value but doesn’t look exactly right on you. We’ll be happy to take it on — and to make sure that the next time you open your jewelry box you’ll find something you like.

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