The Wempe Atelier L.C. Köhler

The workshop where beautiful dreams come true is in a small town in Swabia.

Grand ideas often arise in small places that are not very imposing at first glance. That’s because creative craftsmanship requires two things above all: lots of peace and quiet, and a wealth of experience. So it’s no coincidence that the small town of Schwäbisch Gmünd is the home of our jewelry workshop. As a watchmaker and jeweler with over 135 years of experience, we believe this town is the perfect place for our cooperation with L.C. Köhler, a jewelry workshop with a rich tradition. This is where we combine the highest levels of creativity with the masterful exercise of the goldsmith’s art. On these wooden workbenches with their deep grooves and other tool marks, the L.C. Köhler manufacture created the jewelry for which it received the Silver Medal at the World’s Fair in Paris in 1900.

“We have gotten married,” says Alfred Baumhauer, the Managing Director of L.C. Köhler GmbH, as he greets visitors at the Atelier in Schwäbisch Gmünd. In his view, Wempe’s acquisition of a 50 percent share of L.C. Köhler has been far more than a financial investment. The two companies’ close cooperation, their professional discussions, and their shared goal have made them into a kind of family, which is characterized by strong feelings of trust and a realistic outlook.

The Atelier in Schwäbisch Gmünd is the birthplace of the BY KIM brand, but it’s not only that. As one of the oldest and largest jewelry workshops in Germany, it’s also the place where your personal jewelry dreams become reality. Here, a highly qualified and specialized team of goldsmiths, gem setters, casters, and polishers work for countless hours to create extremely individual commissioned pieces of jewelry. This is where your personal jewelry dreams can also come true. We look forward to fulfilling your wishes!


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