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Our watch and jewelry service - to give something of lasting value.

What is more beautiful than to pass on to the next generation some of the values we have created in our life?

watch service christmas watch

Masterful overhaul of your watch for now and the next generation. 

Christmas time is family time, time for lasting values, and time to share these values and traditions with others. What could there be more valuable than the watch we have inherited from our grandfather? Or the watch we bought from our first bonus payment and would like to pass on now to the next generation to start a new tradition? The most wonderful gifts are often those that we cannot simply buy because they are made of a unique material: the love for our family. 

Such exceptional values have to be entrusted to the skillful hands of master craftspeople. All timepieces that you hand over to our watch service will be completely overhauled and cleaned. They leave our workshops with a guarantee of two years and a personal engraving, if you so desire. You can hence pass on what is really important to you: lasting values for the next generation. 

Our watch service at a glance:

  • Master workshop with certified repair service on all renowned watch brands 
  • 2-year guarantee on all general overhauls 
  • Disassembling and reassembling as well as – if necessary – refurbishment of all parts 
  • Checking of water-resistance
  • Engraving service

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Jewelry service christmas chain

Refurbishment and manufacture of customized jewelry items

Presents that we will never forget and that are so valuable because they remind us of the people who gave them to us are often more than just the sum of their parts. Such as the necklace that has been in the family for decades or the ring that was given to you on the birth of your first child. And even if your jewelry doesn’t suit the next generation’s taste, there is no reason to give up a tradition. We will develop a new design together with you and give the gemstones and the material of your heirloom item a new lease of life at our jewelry atelier. For you to continue your tradition – with more beauty and liveliness than ever before. 

To preserve its brilliance over years and decades, your jewelry needs to be regularly and properly cared for. At our L.C. Köhler atelier, we check the settings of gemstones, restring pearl necklaces, engrave a personal dedication, and create – together with you – a new design based on the components of your inherited jewelry item, just as you and the next generation would like to have it.

Our jewelry service at a glance:

  • Quick service for cleaning and small modifications 
  • Personal advice for the remodeling of jewelry items
  • Restringing of pearl necklaces
  • Resetting of gemstones
  • Engraving service 

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