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Our jewelry service is much more than a promise.

Whether it’s cleaning, small adjustments, repairs, reworking or a special order — at Wempe your jewelry is always in the best of hands. Here you can find out in detail exactly how we define outstanding jewelry service at Wempe.

work in the atelier

Whether it’s a gold ring, pearl earrings or a precious necklace, you can rely on the fine craftsmanship of our excellently trained jewelry specialists.

Our unique service begins as soon as you bring your piece of jewelry into one of our showrooms. Here one of our employees uses a loupe to inspect your piece of jewelry, records your order, finds out your wishes, and then decides, together with you, what services your piece of jewelry will need. Of course we also offer you these services if you have not bought the piece of jewelry from us.

We perform many smaller services immediately. We receive about 18,000 more complex orders annually, and these are either handled by the quick-service goldsmiths in our local workshops or, if more intricate craftsmanship is needed, at our Atelier in Schwäbisch Gmünd.

manufacturing ring
Certificate with necklace

Our quick service at the branches

Every one of our branches offers a quick service that can require between 20 minutes and five days.

In the case of a ring, we always check the condition of the stone and the setting and see whether they show any signs of wear. At the branch workshop, we polish yellow-gold rings with or without gemstones and clean them via ultrasound. We offer the same options for all pieces of jewelry in yellow or rose gold alloys, ranging from earrings to cufflinks.

We also use our ultrasound equipment to clean gold necklaces with lightly soiled elements. This process requires between 20 and 40 minutes. We then place the necklace on a special drying device. Depending on how busy the workshop is on that day, the necklace can be picked up after one or two hours.

Pearl necklaces that have been bought at Wempe can be cleaned free of charge as part of our after-sale service program. Our special immersion bath removes any traces of makeup, oils or perfume and restores the pearls to their original radiance. Of course we also offer this service if you have inherited the pearl necklace or have bought it elsewhere.

We recommend that the necklace be restrung after this thorough cleaning. We cut the knots that attach the pearls, note the number of pearls, sort them, and place them on a pearl design board. From there we restring the necklace onto a silk cord and securely attach each individual pearl with a knot. This work is done by hand in a local workshop, and it may take up to two weeks, depending on how busy the jewelry specialists are at the moment.



ring grinding
ring grinding

Quick service by our local goldsmiths

If your jewelry has defective or loose settings, your ring requires a change of width, a necklace needs polishing or you have a similar requirement, your order can be carried out by the quick-service goldsmiths at the local workshop or by the goldsmiths in our Atelier, as you wish.

All jewelry made of white gold, whose surfaces have been plated with rhodium as a rule, are restored to their original brilliance through a galvanizing process. This service is offered by the quick-service local goldsmiths as well as the goldsmiths in our Atelier.

We will be happy to engrave your jewelry according to your personal wishes, even if you have not bought it from us. Again, the engraving can be done either by the quick-service local goldsmiths or by the goldsmiths in our Atelier.


Inserting the diamond into the setting
production necklace

Our Atelier service in Schwäbisch Gmünd

The experienced specialists in our Atelier service every piece of jewelry bought at Wempe, as well as pieces that require complex goldsmith work. As a rule, these services require about ten working days (two calendar weeks).

We recommend that all of the pieces of jewelry that were created in the Atelier are also sent there for servicing. For example, our Colonna BY KIM rings should be serviced only by our goldsmiths, because they require very special knowledge of the production process.



Jewellery production, man
Ring in pliers
diamant in pliers

Transparency and understanding: We are always at your service

We also offer our services for jewelry that has not been bought at Wempe — though not for costume jewelry. For name-brand jewelry, we decide whether we can provide the desired service. For example, cleaning is not a problem, and we perform this service for jewelry from all manufacturers.

We have a list of standard prices for most of our services. On the basis of this list, we can tell you a price range for your particular order. The prices for more complicated work — which is more individual for pieces of jewelry than for timepieces — cannot be given in general lists. Such orders are assessed by a specially trained jewelry service representative in every one of our branches, who will then present you with an offer.

From small cleaning work to major repairs, we take all the time that is necessary to give you perfect service for your favorite piece of jewelry. We look forward to your visit.

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Our promise

You can find a comprehensive overview of our services and warranties, as well as tips concerning the care of individual pieces of jewelry, in our Jewelry Guide.

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