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The Riviera.

The English invented it. The French named it.

different Tennis bracelets

The Riviere is the classic among diamond bracelets. “Rivière” is the French word for “river” - a flowing line of diamonds. In the United States, this range of jewellery has been known as the “tennis bracelet” ever since the day when Chris Evert’s beloved diamond bracelet f lew off her wrist and onto the court during an important tennis match. The quality of a Riviere’s craftsmanship is evident in its typical rolling movement, which prevents the bracelet from twisting sideways. A Riviere is forever. Few other jewellery pieces are simultaneously as modern and as timeless, as sporty and as elegant as a Riviere from Wempe. Rivieres easily combine with other pieces of jewellery. A Riviere’s fascinating aura enhances the style of the woman who wears it.

Rivieres are available with different kinds of settings and various colours of gold. The Renaissance line highlights the elegance of the prong setting, The sporty Moonriver line relies on the bezel setting, which surrounds each gemstone with a band of metal. Cool white gold accentuates the brilliance of the diamonds; yellow gold radiates warmth holding each brilliant-cut diamond at four points. The Riviere to match the wristwatch, complemented by earrings and a solitaire ring from our Renaissance line. Rivieres with bezel settings in the Moonriver line harmonise with a solitaire ring and a solitaire pendant. Would you like to learn more about the ideal combination between jewellery and Rivieres? We will be happy to advise you.

Riviera, silver
golden Riviera

It takes great craftsmanship to create a great work of art.

Excellent craftsmanship and the love of detail are the parents whose marriage gave birth to Rivieres. Comfort on the wrist, sturdiness, security and lasting value characterise Riviere bracelets. Our goldsmiths create each prong or bezel by hand, then precisely combine each element to create a f luent and enduring union. Finally, the bracelet’s ends are f itted with a secure, double-click clasp to ensure a lifetime of happiness with your Riviere from Wempe.

Wempe stands for the threefold combination of creative energy, profound knowledge of materials, and skilful craftsmanship. In our workshop, we select brilliant-cut diamonds with the greatest care so that we can craft Rivieres that flow in a flawlessly harmonious line. The gemstones are perfectly matched so that there are no inequalities of size or colour. In addition to these ver satile designs Rivieres can also be custom-made to your personal specifications within a short time.

For each little miracle that you encounter in your life, you can add another gemstone to your Memoire ring. Stone after stone, the ring recounts the loveliest biography - yours!

close-up Riviera

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