Discover your chances with a personal year-long horoscope

Win an exclusive look into your future by the astrologer and author Nicole von Bredow.

To know what the future has in store for you. A horoscope read by a professional is much more than merely an idea of what lies ahead. It is an astronomical sketch of the celestial situation at the moment of your birth at your place of birth. This birth picture shows the constellation of the stars on their way through the zodiac as well as their positions in the energy fields, the so-called houses. The horoscope drawn for a specific individual helps to understand his or her personality. 

How to proceed to look into the future:

Please fill out completely below contact form and you will take part in the random draw. With a bit of luck you might win your personal year-long horoscope. Nicole von Bredow will have a telephone conversation with the winner and send him or her astrological prediction.

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