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With love​

Valentine's Day - the most beautiful day for a gift of love

The most romantic Valentine's Day gifts come from the heart. Surprise a person that is dear to you with a present that will last forever.

Endless Love - Valentine's Day gifts for all eternity

What could be more important than love? And what could be more beautiful than a day that is dedicated on the whole world to this wonderful feeling? We have therefore compiled for you a selection of gift ideas for Valentine's Day in which the heart as symbol of love takes center stage.

Make your Valentine's Day unforgettable

Make the eyes of your loved one sparkle with joy. The message conveyed by our extraordinary Valentine's Day gifts speaks for itself whether you chose a ring composed of an endless row of hearts or a necklace with a pendant that will become a daily companion. 

Love - a feeling, which knows no boundaries

Lovers all over the world celebrate Valentine's Day in very different ways. Padlocks on bridges are the symbol of eternal love in Italy; in South Africa lovers dress in red and white; and lovebirds send poems to their Valentine in the UK. For us at Wempe, Valentine's Day is above all a very personal matter: From counseling to the manufacture of customized jewelry - we take great care that the gift you make on Valentine's Day will be as unique as your love.  

Come and see us at your nearest Wempe branch - we have compiled for you a broad selection of gift ideas for this special day and would be delighted to personally advise you on this extraordinary occasion.

We are looking forward to your visit!