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Getting Engaged during the Holiday Season

The Ultimate Yes to the Celebration of Love

Four steps to the perfect proposal during the holiday season

A wedding proposal during the holiday season—that’s pure romance at a festive occasion. Share this special moment with your family and friends or propose to your sweetheart in a private moment. Whatever your choice, you will find the rings to kneel down at Wempe. Follow our tips and she will say “yes!”.

The most important: the ring
You should take your time to select the ring. Here you can demonstrate how well you know your partner. If you aren’t sure about the form, the style or the gem cut, have a look at your partner’s current jewelry for comparison or ask her best friend.
Choose the right place for fond memories
Consider carefully where you want to propose. For example, the place where you first met or a place of which you share already lovely memories. Invent a credible excuse for luring your girlfriend to that place without arousing her suspicion.
Make sure to bring tears to her eyes: the surprise
Proposing during the holiday season is a challenge for you to surprise your partner with little love messages that may seem to be there as if by magic: fortune cookies with a message backed into them or burning candles forming a heart in the snow-covered garden—her tears of joy will be unstoppable.
What finally counts: the right moment

Timing is everything. You cannot exactly plan ahead the right moment when you kneel down and get the ring out of your pocket. You should get a feeling for the situation. Wait until your partner is distracted for some seconds, wind down, take a deep breath—and then it’s getting serious. 

We have compiled for you a selection of suitable rings so your chosen one can only say one word: “YES!

We are looking forward to your visit!