More facets, more fire, more force

A total of 137 spectacular facets in a breathtaking setting: the WEMPE-Cut®

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There’s only one thing that’s even rarer than a diamond: an innovative certified diamond cut. Few companies have the know-how and the potential to master this development challenge while maintaining the highest standards of quality. Wempe is one of these companies, and it has tackled this challenge. The result is a very special and innovative diamond cut: the WEMPE-Cut®. It is set off to perfection in the exclusive jewelry line Splendora BY KIM.

How does one create a masterpiece that has 137 facets — an incredible 80 facets more than the classic brilliant cut? It took two years just to develop the WEMPE-Cut®. The challenge was to create “more facets, more fire, more force.”
The WEMPE-Cut® has 80 facets more than a classic brilliant and has an extremely high light reflection.
The diamonds, which are certified according to the Kimberley Process, begin their journey to Wempe showrooms in the mines of Botswana and continue with a stop in Antwerp, where the criteria for diamonds are clearly defined. The diamond quality used by Wempe is called Top Wesselton. It’s the lightest color that is categorized directly after the completely colorless (white) River variant. In addition, the stones we use for the WEMPE-Cut® are almost perfectly clear. If there are any interior flaws, they can scarcely be seen even under tenfold magnification.
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The next stop of the journey is in Bangkok. A ten-person team with experienced diamond cutters under Belgian management has been established there exclusively for the WEMPE-Cut®. Each cutter requires almost two days to cut one stone. The motto of the team is “The make matters.”

After the stones are returned to Belgium, the quality of each WEMPE-Cut® is certified by a leading international diamond institute: the Hoge Raad voor Diamant (HRD) in Antwerp. The certificate number, together with the tiny Wempe logo, is laser-engraved into the narrow girdle of each diamond.
After another inspection at our Wempe headquarters, we present the stones with the WEMPE-Cut® to our customers in our showrooms. The solitaires are also mounted in settings of the jewelry line Splendora BY KIM. This process of course takes place at our Wempe Atelier.

Our WEMPE-Cut® masterpieces are not only an exclusive statement but also an alternative concept to mass production. And that’s why it’s worthwhile to spend some time waiting for them.
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The exclusive WEMPE-Cut ® diamond receives the crowning touch of perfection from the Splendora BY KIM setting, which was specially designed for this superlative solitaire.​​
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Every diamond has a laser engraving on the girdle showing its individual HRD certificate number and the Wempe logo. These quality marks are not visible to the naked eye.

Find out more about the development of the unique WEMPE-Cut®.​​

Hans Clément ist Sales Director des Antwerpener Diamantenhändlers IGC Group. In unserem Interview spricht er über die Entwicklung des innovativen WEMPE-Cut® und die Splendora BY KIM-Fassung.

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