Transparenz BY KIM

Like a spring sky, the open sea or deep blue lakes: the colored gemstones of the “Transparenz BY KIM” line unfold their radiance and sparkle in a dome-shaped cabochon cut and accompanied by dazzling brilliant-cut diamonds. Tanzanite, London blue topaz and milky aquamarine — the perfect symphony in blue.

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The BY KIM brand combines visionary design with classic jewelry craftsmanship.

It all began when the entrepreneur Kim-Eva Wempe was searching for unique jewelry that impresses the viewer with its strong and feminine design vocabulary. In the process, she found the perfect team: Creative Director Catherine Plouchard and the master goldsmiths of the Wempe Atelier. BY KIM jewelry outlasts short-lived trends and captures the spirit of the time. Whether it’s Splendora, Sensual, Cosmos, Blu, Eclipse, Papillon, Voyage or the international bestseller Helioro, every line and every unique piece of BY KIM jewelry reveals a design vocabulary whose beauty is universal and whose technology is masterful.

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