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Watches made of rose gold: a shimmering trend

Close-Up rose gold watch
Rose gold (4N) contains 75 percent gold, plus 16 percent copper and 9 percent silver. To produce the 5N hue, the percentage of copper is increased to 20.5 percent and the silver is reduced to 4.5 percent. Rolex has invented its own rose gold alloy: the color of so-called Everose achieves its long-lasting stability thanks to a higher percentage of copper spiked with a judicious dose of platinum. Watches made of rose gold have a hardness of 270 Vickers. The hardness of 5N gold increases to 300 Vickers. By comparison, a diamond has a hardness of 10,600 Vickers. Ceramic ranks 1,500 on the Vickers scale, titanium 970, and steel 700. It is their shimmering reddish hue that makes rose gold watches exceptional items. And a currently very popular choice – for men and women alike.

Selected watches

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