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Sorella, the brand-new table clock from Erwin Sattler, enlivens its owner’s home with a reminiscence of the Roaring Twenties, a decade distinguished by an exuberant lust for life that expressed itself through functional precision, understated color schemes, metallic gleam, and clear contours. This trend was strengthened by the Exposition internationale des arts décoratifs et industriels moderne in Paris in 1925. Perhaps not everybody, but a great many people, were talking about the concept of Art Déco at that time, which this clock expressively reflects. Sattler’s ticking “sister” embodies diverse interior and exterior virtues. Crafted from noble hardwoods with contrastingly colored inlays, its straight-lined case is most impressive. It has a moderate height of 18 cm, a width of 14 cm, and a depth of 9.5 cm. In accord with Art Déco style, four facetted panes of mineral glass offer unobstructed views into its interior. Meticulously crafted in every detail, the clock’s anodized aluminum face provides a handsome background for the tireless circling of the hour and minute hands. But the most luscious features of this ticking artwork are hidden inside its protective case: Erwin Sattler equips each of the 50 clocks in this unique small series with manufacture Caliber CAR 98, a hand- wound clock movement dating from 1998 and relying on a strong mainspring that can be manually wound with a key and square shaft. This movement was manufactured by S. Haller, a German specialist working exclusively for Sattler at the time. Those movements remaining from Haller’s original production have determined this strictly limited series. A special feature of the high-quality mechanism with golden wheels is a so-called échappement, a subassembly consisting of the rate-regulating organs. The balance and balance spring oscillate at a classical pace of 2.5 Hertz. Their horizontal positioning markedly contributes to the accuracy of the rate because gravity, which exerts its ill effects on a balance in a vertical orientation, is rendered harmless here.


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  • Material: Walnut, maple inlays
  • Movement: Mechanical movement
  • Dimensions: Height: 18 cm; width: 14 cm; depth: 9.5 cm
  • Special features: 8-day power reserve, limited to 50 clocks
  • Wempe reference: HS050016