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Panerai clock work side view

Warranty – without ifs and buts


Pay a bit more now and enjoy 50 years of serenity later: Panerai promises this to the 50 buyers of the LAB-IDTM Luminor 1950 CarbotechTM 3 Days. If one of these wrist watches malfunctions due to manufacturing defects, Panerai will replace it with a new one. This longterm investment comes with the 49 mm CarbotechTM case made from lightweight, highly resilient carbon fiber. High-performance carbon-fiber mats fabricated from the organic polymer PEEK (polyether ether ketone) are used for the case blanks. After placing each mat at a 15-degree angle to its neighbor they are inseparably fused by pressing at a predefined temperature. Once the case is crafted, a metal ring to hold the movement is added to which the titanium back and the rotating carbon fiber bezel are screwed. The bezel’s inlays are made of scratch-resistant ceramic, while carbon fiber is used for the crown protection and its characteristic guard lever. Carbon fiber is also utilized to craft the midnight-black dial, which features Panerai’s typical sandwich-style architecture. The dial’s bearing plate is coated with carbon nanotubes, which absorb incident light and reflect almost none. The resulting matte surface contrasts with the blue Super-LumiNova of the hands and hour and second markers. Panerai also makes use of carbon fiber’s favorable properties in new hand wound Caliber P.3001/C with three-day power reserve. Aficionados can peer through a transparent pane on the case back to read the power-reserve display and view the movement, which needs no liquid lubricants. Its plates and bridges are made from a low-friction composite based on tantalum with integrated ceramic while a high percentage of carbon fiber minimizes pivot friction. Also noteworthy is that the two spring barrels are coated with ultra-hard diamond-like carbon (DLC) to minimize wear. The energy stored in these barrels keeps the movement running reliably at a frequency of three Hertz. The escape wheel and pallet lever are made of silicon, so no oil is necessary there either. Another interesting detail involves pulling the crown out to set the hands: this not only halts the balance, allowing to-the-second setting, but also speedily and precisely returns the second hand to its vertical position.


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