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This wristwatch embodies a premiere in Jaeger-LeCoultre’s diverse collection: for the first time ever, the manufactory in the secluded Vallée de Joux has combined a world time display and a flying tourbillon in a single movement. The brand’s own self-winding Caliber 948 comprises 375 components, including a 22-karat gold rotor and 42 functional jewels. A Gyrolab balance beating at a frequency of 4 Hz serves as the pacemaker inside the delicate rotating carriage, while a hairspring fabricated by Jaeger-LeCoultre in Le Sentier serves as the balance’s indispensable partner for the isochronous oscillations. Eight years of research and development culminated in this system, which made its debut in the Master Compressor Extreme Lab 1 in 2007. The balance’s unconventional design was inspired by the realization that this component’s entire surface influences its aerodynamic properties. In this particular instance, the unusual shape markedly reduces air resistance. Thanks to its positive attributes, the balance found its way into all wristwatches in the Geophysic line. A tourbillon, which compensates for the ill effects that gravity can exert on the regularity of a watch’s rate, is another added value provided by this 43.5 mm platinum watch. This little “whirlwind” with an integrated second hand requires 24 hours to complete one orbit around the dial, which bears a world map in polar projection. As the tourbillon progresses along the dial’s circumference, so do the names of 24 cities, which represent equally as many time zones. An asterisk beside a city’s name signifies the need for semiannual changes from winter to summer time and vice versa. The outer 24-hour ring contributes to temporal orientation; contrasting colors make it easy to differentiate between day- time and nighttime hours. Cosmopolites and globetrotters will also appreciate another feature of the Geophysic Tourbillon Universal Time: they can turn the partly extracted crown to reset the hour hand in one-hour increments. This adjustment does not affect the position of the minute hand, so the correct minute is preserved throughout the resetting process.


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Geophysic® Tourbillon Universal Time

In a feat of superlative craftsmanship, the flying (i.e. cantilevered) tourbillon progresses around the dial of this haute horlogerie timepiece once every 24 hours.
  • Material: Platinum with alligator-leather wristband
  • Caliber: Automatic, Caliber Jaeger-LeCoultre 948
  • Diameter: 43.5 mm
  • Special features: Tourbillon, world time, limited to 100 timepieces
  • Wempe reference: JC060040