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Santos de Cartier - the watch icon now new at Wempe

The newly released Santos de Cartier models are available now at Wempe in many different versions.

Santos de Cartier watch
There's barely any other watch that combines history and design to such perfection as the Santos de Cartier does. Inspired by his friend Alberto Santos-Dumont, the world-famous pilot, at the start of the 20th century, Louis Cartier solved the problem of watch owners having to pull their watches out of their pockets whenever they wanted to check the time. Yet the first aviator watch worn on wrists instead of hidden in pockets shone for reasons beyond pure functionality too, thanks to an innovative shape and refined design features.
Over the centuries, Cartier has added to and refined the timeless masterpieces that still capture the fascination of watch lovers today. Experience the Santos de Cartier in all its beauty – here we name eight reasons why your watch collection should not go without this watch either:

Eight Reasons Why No Watch Collection Should Be Without a Santos de Cartier

8 reasons for a Santos de Cartier 01

1. It is a genuine icon:

The Santos de Cartier was one of the first men's watches that could be worn on the wrist. The famous pilot Alberto Santos-Dumont helped Louis Cartier come up with the idea of inventing an aviator watch fastened over the wrist using a leather strap. And so, from a simple friendly gesture, an icon among watches was created.


2. Its design is contemporary yet timeless:

When Louis Cartier designed the first watch in the Santos line in 1904, he also showed a creative, pioneering spirit by incorporating a light, angular shape and Roman numerals typical of the art deco era. The timeless finesse of this watch continues to delight watch lovers all around the world to this day. The brand has captured the timeless design coupled with contemporary spirit in its re-release of the collection, which celebrated its world premiere at this year's 28th Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie in Geneva.
8 reasons for a Santos de Cartier 02

3. It is an accessory for both women and men:

The Santos de Cartier is available in two sizes and, moreover, an array of different versions. Worn in a medium size on a feminine wrist, the watch can be an ornament with a choice of various shades of gold, stainless steel, a leather strap, skeleton case, or diamond bezel. The larger men's versions also possess an integrated date display.


4. Clear elegance or relaxed nonchalance – why not have both?

Whether faithful to the style of the original with a leather strap or cool and elegant with a stainless steel bracelet – whenever you purchase a Santos de Cartier watch, you always receive two wristbands. Decide for yourself on whether to style the watch as elegant or as something more casual.
8 reasons for a Santos de Cartier 03

5. It can be transformed with ease:

With Cartier's patented mechanisms, you can easily change the watch's wristband and adjust its length yourself without needing any other tools. A hidden mechanism beneath the wristband makes it possible to swap it out with a light push. Removing or adding individual parts of the wristband is simple as well.

6. Its internals are just as impressive:

Whether a manual, hand-wound movement or an automatic, Cartier only uses manufacture calibers made by hand in its own workshops for its Santos watches. Stringent quality requirements and passion for detail continue through to the watch's internal details too.
8 reasons for a Santos de Cartier 04

7. It is precise down to the second:

In everyday use, magnetic fields, such as those found in laptops, iPads, or airport scanners, can affect the accuracy of a wristwatch. Cartier is one of few watchmakers to manufacture its Santos line from materials that are not sensitive to magnetic fields of up to 1,200 gauss. As a result, you benefit from maximum accuracy over the long term.


8. Equipped for any adversity – it is your companion for all situations in life:

No matter the circumstances, the Santos de Cartier is a stand-out on account of its reliability. It handles changes in temperature and pressure just as dependably as it does changes of position. The case is water-resistant to 10 bar, which corresponds to a depth of 100 meters. This means you can keep wearing the watch even while swimming.

Just two clicks - the Cartier QuickSwitch wristband changing system

Santos de Cartier Video Play Santos de Cartier video

Available now at Wempe

The Santos de Cartier is available now at Wempe. Head to your nearest showroom and let yourself be impressed by the timeless fascination offered by the Santos de Cartier. We eagerly await your visit.


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