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Brilliant prospects – the jewelry trends 2018

New year, new trends: What jewelry trends does 2018 have in store for us? To which items should you draw your attention now? And what items will remain in vogue? A dazzling preview

The jewelry trends 2018

New on the trend radar:

Hoop earrings

Glamorous, geometric and anything but ordinary: Classic hoop earrings enter the stage in a fresh new look. With a delicately curved shape, composed of spherical Blu elements, or set with dazzling diamonds – they are a fashion statement for every day. 

Graphic design

The circle and the square unite in a common cause to create jewelry with a unique design vocabulary. Minimalistic, expressive and always wearable – the rings of the Square line are anything but square.

Art deco

Back to the future! Combining precious stones and geometric forms, these new cocktail rings are reminiscent of the 1920s. They are the perfect choice to step out in classic Hollywood glamour style. 

Still in vogue:

Layered look

As if you were wearing several pieces of jewelry at the same time: sophisticated, multi-row necklaces like the Puntino BY KIM necklace are true all-rounders. They are the perfect match for a cheerful maxi dress or a sleek top and add classy hippie flair to your day, whether you are in Hamburg or Tulum.


A glittering neckline: Y-shaped necklaces are the epitome of contemporary understatement – and extremely versatile. They go with a low-cut evening gown or a sleek V-neck sweater and are the perfect piece to update your style.  


From necklaces with constellation pendants to stellar diamond ear studs: jewelry items with a cosmic message are lucky charms that lend a personal touch to every outfit. And guarantee a magic radiance. Happy New Year!


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