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A tender sting in the eye – bee jewelry as a delicate eye-catcher

Small creatures, great appeal: insect jewelry items in 18k rose gold set with diamonds and citrines are romantic everyday companions and have all eyes on them.

bee jewelry
Fine lines, facetted diamonds and Mother Nature as source of inspiration give birth to fascinating and precious creations: delicate bee jewelry. These romantic jewelry items feature graceful rose gold bees with small brilliant-cut diamonds sparkling on their wings like fresh morning dew. The warm gleam of a citrine reminds us of honey – nature’s sweet gold. 

Stylistically, these figurative jewelry items hack back to the 1950s and 60s, a time when symbolic fauna compositions were not only eye-catchers, but also an expression of individuality. In line with the current trend of lovingly designed insect motifs, these light and delicate jewelry creations will soon be your new favorite items – for every day and every occasion. 


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