Vacheron Constantin & Wempe

Vacheron Constantin has been promoting the culture of fine Geneva watchmaking for a quarter of a millennium.

Watches Vacheron Constantin
Watches Vacheron Constantin
Watches Vacheron Constantin

Vacheron Constantin has been producing watches without an interruption ever since it was founded in 1755 — a distinction that makes it the world’s oldest watchmaker.

For generations, the guiding principle of Vacheron Constantin has been “Make it even better if possible — and that’s always possible.” The company’s outstanding achievements include building movements with countless complications consisting of hundreds of individual parts, as well as covering dials with enamel work that is so fine that it can only be fully appreciated with a magnifying glass. Vacheron Constantin and Wempe share a commitment to preserving the cultural heritage of fine watchmaking. They have been working together since 1929.

Founded in:
At Wempe since:
Geneva, Switzerland
Wempe Vacheron Constantin Malte X82R7754 (82230/000R-9963)
Watches Vacheron Constantin
Watches Vacheron Constantin
WEMPE Uhrenservice
Watch Service Why excellence makes the difference
Wempe Vacheron Constantin Historique X82R1316 .(82035/000R-9359)
Watches Vacheron Constantin

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