Wempe Frederique Constant

Frédérique Constant & Wempe

Like Wempe, Frédérique Constant is a family-owned company. It makes fine watches with an uncompromising demand on quality.

Wempe Frederique Constant Classics FC-303S5B6
Watches Frédérique Constant
Wempe Frederique Constant Classic Delight FC-200WHD1ER32B
Watches Frédérique Constant
Wempe Frederique Constant Horrolocial Smartwatch FC-285S5B6
Watches Frédérique Constant
Horological Smartwatch
Wempe Frederique Constant logo

All of the models in its broad product range are characterized by classic elegance.

Founded in 1988, Frédérique Constant quickly developed into a significant Swiss watchmaker that pays careful attention to its customers’ preferences. In the Geneva manufacture of this family-owned company, the watchmakers have full mastery of all the production steps, from the initial design to the painstaking assembly of these elegant timepieces. Frédérique Constant creates surprises again and again with complex, highly sophisticated technology.
Founded in:
Plan-les-Quates, Switzerland

Watches contain the most precious thing we own – time.

Hellmut Wempe
Wempe Frederique Constant Ladies Automatic FC-310WHF2PD4
Watches Frédérique Constant
Ladies Automatic
Wempe Frederique Constant Manufacture FC-705V4S4
Watches Frédérique Constant

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Trusting partnerships have linked us for decades with the world’s most renowned watch manufacturers.

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