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Peace of mind 

  • Every item of jewellery which leaves our House is given a three-year warranty against any faults in materials or workmanship. 


Preserving value 

  • As with all truly valuable things,a precious stone also requires regular care. We therefore invite you to visit us if you are close to a wempe store. While you enjoy a refreshing glass of chilled champagne, we will clean your jewellery, check the settings of your stones and inspect the clasps.
  • We have developed a practical Travel Bag to keep your jewellery safe from scratches and other damage on your journeys in the most elegant way possible. 

  • Pearls are true wonders of nature and very sensitive in terms of their environment. Perfume, powder or hairspray can dull their shine, as can acids or cosmetics containing alcohol. To truly appreciate the fascination of genuine pearls requires doing everything to keep them away from metal and stone. Wearing them on your skin, on the other hand, allows them to shine in their full radiance. 

  • Every wempe branch has a jewellery service that takes care of a professional refurbishment, clean- ing, checking and repair of your jewellery item.

WEMPE Leistungsbrevier Schmuck


  • The combination of knowledge of materials with the goldsmith’s handicraft and imagination is a high art which only very few really master. We have been practising this art for more than 135 years – and we have given it the most beautiful contemporary expression in the wempe jewellery collection.
  • If you have a long-held dream of a piece of jewellery which you have never seen in real life, our jewellery specialists will find the perfect gemstone for you to best match your vision. Our master goldsmiths will set it in a way as to highlight its inherent beauty to the best possible advantage. Should you wish, our designers will be delighted to help you with their experience, ideas and suggestions.
  • Perhaps you have had an item of jewellery for many years, of great sentimental value, which we could re-work for you in such a way that you would be proud to wear it again. Our atelier will be happy to offer you all its skill and design experience in the process. 

WEMPE Service Leistungsbrevier


  • We buy our precious stones directly from the world’s leading gemstone centres. Before we pass on stones to Customers, every single one is again examined in detail and graded by the experts at our gem centre. This unique care is guaranteed by our individual certificate of authenticity (for solitaires from 0.25 ct. and pavé from 0.50 ct). 
  • In order to protect yourself against possible losses, we advise you to have the replacement value of valuables assayed. It is the best basis on which your insurance company can reach a decision in the event of a claim, even if it cannot measure the sentimental importance or its collector’s value. 
  • Officially appointed and sworn experts provide an opinion against payment of a fee. 

WEMPE Leistungsbrevier Schmuck




  • The amount of play in a pearl necklace increases over time and should therefore be checked by us on an annual basis. If necessary, we will completely re-thread your wempe necklace using natural silk and knotting each pearl individually by hand. This service is free of charge for the first five years. 
  • If the nature of your wempe jewellery permits it, we will machine engrave your initials with our compliments. 


WEMPE Service Leistungsbrevier
WEMPE Service Leistungsbrevier

Wempe worldwide

  • You will find wempe in the most beautiful locations in Europe’s most important cities, in New York as well as on board the MS Europa and MS Europa 2. You can call on the services and advice of any wempe showroom at any time. 
  • We will deliver any piece of jewellery purchased from wempe to any address, packaged in luxurious étuis. And if, at the same time, you would like to say something in the language of flowers, we will also make sure it arrives accompanied by the most beautiful bouquet in the city. 
  • Once a year,in our luxury catalogue we show you the most exciting jewellery designs in the world. On request we will also send you further information of our collections. 


You create value. We maintain it.

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