Our promise

Our values and services of the House of Wempe for our customers.

WEMPE Leistungsbrevier Kim-Eva Wempe

Our customers appreciate the individual items presented in our jewelry and watch collections, and value them as precious envoys – envoys which convey a deeply personal message and which, over time, grow into symbols of special events and the emotions experienced in the course of a whole lifetime.

This demanding standard we set ourselves at Wempe implies a high degree of responsibility and a very special relationship with our customers: for you alone, we are privileged to share and to help shape the wonderful experience of giving and receiving gifts. In full knowledge of this privilege, we maintain a culture of the highest level of expertise and service dedicated to such moments, a culture which continually asks itself not merely what needs to be done – but what is truly possible.

This brochure documents our company’s promise: that you can place your trust in us and in our staff before, during and after you purchase from Wempe. Our entire firm is dedicated to the most beautiful moments of your life: you may rest assured that we are fully committed to honouring such important occasions.

Yours truly,


WEMPE Kim-Eva Wempe Unterschrift 

Kim-Eva Wempe

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