The WEMPE-Cut®

Adds 80 more facets to the perfection of a classic brilliant cut and distinguishes itself by a particularly high degree of light reflection

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If you are looking for a truly breathtaking solitaire, we offer you the WEMPE-Cut®: This completely innovative diamond cut has 137 hand-cut facets - 80 more than the classic brilliant cut. It is therefore characterized by an extraordinary brilliance and an extremely high degree of light reflection. The perfect round cut is completely done by hand in a time-consuming process.

The WEMPE-Cut® has 80 facets more than a classic brilliant and has an extremely high light reflection.
The WEMPE-Cut® is of finest quality. The diamonds have a color of F/G and a clarity of VVS/VS according to strict international standards. The used rough diamonds are carefully selected worldwide and are conflict-free in compliance with the provisions of the Kimberley Process. Following the sophisticated production process, every diamond is certified by the world-renowned HRD institute (Hoge Raad voor Diamant) in Antwerp. 
Every diamond has a laser engraving on the girdle showing its individual HRD certificate number and the Wempe logo. These quality marks are not visible to the naked eye.

The exclusive WEMPE-Cut ® diamond receives the crowning touch of perfection from the Splendora BY KIM setting, which was specially designed for this superlative solitaire.

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Splendora BY KIM

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