Eternity rings

For every small miracle that enriches your life, eternity rings allow you to add a brilliant-cut diamond.

Wempe Jewelers Memoirering Renaissance Classic

Renaissance Classic eternity ring

18 k white gold with 11 brilliant-cut diamonds 1.76 ct.
Art. No. 40RG1198

Sundance eternity rings

18 k white or yellow gold with three brilliant-cut diamonds 0.75 ct.
Art. No. 40RG1081

18 k white or yellow gold with five brilliant-cut diamonds 1.25 ct.
Art. No. 40RG1082

18 k white or yellow gold with seven brilliant-cut diamonds 1.75 ct.
Art. No. 40RG1083

Sunray emerald ring

18 k white gold with 1 cushion-cut emerald 5.12 ct. and 2 pear-shaped diamonds 0.82 ct.
Art. No. 22RG0226

Sunray eternity ring and hoop earrings

Hoop earrings: 18 k white gold with 24 brilliant-cut diamonds 6.00 ct.
Art. No. 40CR0279

Ring: 18 k white gold with 17 brilliant-cut diamonds 4.25 ct.
Art. No. 40RG1093

You can find more eternity rings from Wempe in your nearest Wempe showroom.


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