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Wempe Jewelry

The perfect interplay between expertise and the spirit of the times.

Jewelry Wempe Jewelry
Tennis Bracelets
Jewelry Wempe Jewelry
Jewelry Wempe Jewelry
Haute Joaillerie

Our jewelry fulfills the most uncompromising aesthetic criteria as well as the highest standards of quality.

The seductive shimmer of a pearl, the fascinating sparkle of a diamond, the brilliance of a colored gemstone — before a jewel is used in a Wempe jewelry line, it has to stand up to the critical gaze of our experts. Traditionally, there is no room for compromises at Wempe. Every selected piece of jewelry at Wempe fulfills this high standard of quality. Our suppliers have worked with our company on a basis of trust for many years. Our specialists combine international expertise with a untiring search for perfection. At the most important international jewelry trade fairs, our employees seek out the key trends and find inspirations that they integrate into the design process of the next season's product range.

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Jewelry Wempe Jewelry

Always expect the extraordinary.

Kim-Eva Wempe
Jewelry Wempe Jewelry

Our brand portfolio

Brilliance in every facet

Our BY KIM and Wempe jewelry brands embody the comprehensive expertise and experience of several generations of company owners.

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