Chronos & Cosmos BY KIM

After a long journey through time and space, the goal has been reached. Kim-Eva Wempe had urged Creative Director Catherine Plouchard to be inspired by the Nature’s Miracle competition sponsored by the Diamond Trading Company (DTC) to create a breathtaking unique piece of jewelry. The two women’s efforts were rewarded when the necklace they had created was chosen for the collection of winners.

Wempe Chronos and Cosmos

Chronos & Cosmos BY KIM necklace

Chronos necklace:
570 natural-colored diamonds 128.19 ct. in marquise, briolette, and rose cuts, set in one of three different shades of gold and attached to platinum pins

Cosmos diamond pendant:
461 brilliant-cut diamonds 23.48 ct. in a rocky setting

The necklace can be viewed in the Wempe Museum in Hamburg.

The call for submissions specified a jewelry design that would celebrate natural diamonds — their mythical age, their history, which begins deep underground, and their distinctive shape, in which we see the signature of Mother Nature.

The Wempe design was called “Chronos and Cosmos” — time and space — because the flow of time literally seems to be rippling through the diamonds of the necklace, which repeatedly branch out, gather together and scatter once again. And just as the journey of a diamond begins in the center of the earth and leads to the sun, the necklace ends in a large Cosmos BY KIM pendant consisting of more than 450 flawless brilliant-cut diamonds that proclaim “Let there be light!”

You can find more pieces of jewelry from the Chronos & Cosmos BY KIM line in your nearest Wempe showroom.


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