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Cosmora BY KIM - Masterpieces

Is it possible to give longing and memory a physical form? For ages, this question has occupied artists from a variety of disciplines. How does one concentrate feelings down to their essence, without limiting the fantasy of the observer? And how can one allow existing impulses to flow into a work while nonetheless creating something that is completely one’s own?

close-up Cosmora BY KIM ring

These were also important questions posed at Wempe at the beginning of the creation phase of Cosmora BY KIM, and they accompanied the production of a haute joaillerie ring collection that was a complex undertaking even by the highest Wempe standards. Thirteen fascinating cities and regions provided the inspiration for the unique project Cosmora BY KIM.

It’s been quite a while since BY KIM advanced to the status of an independent brand. The jewellery from the diverse BY KIM lines combines the artistic power of Creative Director Catherine Plouchard with the farsighted vision of Kim-Eva Wempe and the extraordinary skills of the expert goldsmiths in the Wempe studio. And in the gallery of unique pieces that is Cosmora BY KIM, all of these participants have once again outdone themselves.

Every one of the world’s metropolitan regions has its own special appeal. In addition to the architecture, climate, fl ora and fauna, there are sensual attractions and subtle nuances such as culinary specialities, the city’s tempo and mentality — or simply a certain something in the air that captivates the visitor from the very first moment and sometimes doesn’t let go for a lifetime. This is what inspired Catherine Plouchard to go on an artistic journey around the globe.

Cosmora BY KIM Vienna
Cosmora BY KIM Tokyo

On each individual ring, she used various tones of gold and the stones’ most exciting colours to create a tiny sparkling universe that captures the special features of a fascinating city. For example, rubies and sapphires glow majestically on the London ring, complemented by baguette-cut diamonds that symbolize »Abbey Road« and its vibrant youth culture. On the New York ring, the glittering skyscrapers of Gotham City rise out of a green Central Park made of tourmalines and diamonds. The Cape Town ring was inspired by the mighty natural force of the oceans that flow around the south coast of Africa and are represented by the wavy lines suggested on the ring. The Wien ring is playful and opulent, with a rose gold dome that conjures up imperial architecture and the Vienna Secession. All thirteen of these rings are unique andnot for sale. They have been made in order to be admired by people who love jewellery and to celebrate the full spectrum of skills at Wempe.

"These are superlative pieces of jewellery that showcase our style and our capabilities. They’re not for sale. Instead, they are meant to inspire people who know and love jewellery"

Kim-Eva Wempe

Cosmora BY KIM London
Close-up Cosmora BY KIM London

Nonetheless, Catherine Plouchard has also catered to viewers with wanderlust. For Cosmora BY KIM she has created an additional series of three rings that are available for purchase: Cape Town, Tokyo and Route 66 are artistic offshoots of their glamorous models. They repeat the most important motifs of the respective unique rings and recombine them in timeless pieces made of white gold with brilliant-cut pavé diamonds that are also in a »rocky setting«. The shape of the ring bands, which is borrowed from the Sensual Slim BY KIM line, makes the rings look simultaneously substantial and graceful. »From time immemorial, jewellery has served to make the wearer’s lifestyle and physical feelings tangible in the truest sense of the word,« says Kim-Eva Wempe. Cosmora BY KIM succeeds in this atevery level.

Ready to wear rings from Cosmora BY KIM: Cape Town, Tokyo and Route 66

Tokyo – Cosmora BY KIM

What makes Tokyo so fascinating is the coexistence of the past and the future. In the foreground is a megacity that is ahead of its time — but Tokyo is also a place where cultural traditions are cherished. The Tokyo ring, of 18 ct. white gold and 72 brilliant-cut diamonds of 1.22 ct., combines a traditional Japanese fan with the glittering lights of the big city.

Route 66 – Cosmora BY KIM

The journey along Route 66 has been immortalized in prose, song and fi lm. It is a road trip symbolizing the journey of the American pioneers. This highway, which winds its way through mountains and desert landscapes, represents new beginnings and victory over obstacles. The Route 66 ring of 18 ct. white gold and 109 brilliant-cut diamonds of 1.75 ct. puts these exciting contrasts into an artistic form.

Cape Town – Cosmora BY KIM

In Cape Town, African culture meets European influences. This city is young, international and dynamic. The power of the sun and the oceans char - acterizes the outlook of its inhabitants. The Cape Town ring of 18 ct. white gold with 61 brilliantcut diamonds of 0.83 ct. refl ects this dynamism in the pulsation of its wavy lines.


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