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Zeitmeister Annual Calendar

Wempe Glashütte i/SA

Zeitmeister Annual Calendar

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Special Wempe Zeitmeister Watches in Limited Numbers

Whether inspired by a special moment, story or person, we're always creating exceptional watches in limited numbers at Wempe. The limited-edition Wempe Zeitmeister watches are true masterpieces of the art of watchmaking, but that's not the only reason that so many of the special models have quickly become coveted collector's items.

The Basis of Every Good Wempe Zeitmeister

At the heart of every Wempe Zeitmeister—in both our regular models and limited edition watches—is a Swiss movement that is fitted with a specially constructed Reglage at the Glashütte observatory. This special feature enables us to improve the accuracy of the movement to meet the strict requirements of the ISO 3159 chronometer standard. Limited edition Wempe Zeitmeister models contain unique mechanical complications, for example, the display of multiple time zones, chronograph functions or calendar displays. They are also made in the finest materials with a final design that tells a story. From this basis, new limited edition Wempe Zeitmeister models are created time and again.

How to Find the Perfect Wempe Zeitmeister Model

You will find our current limited edition Wempe Zeitmeister models and other ladies' and men's watches in our online store. And if you're looking for a particular limited edition model, we will be happy to welcome you in one of our showrooms to assist you further. Here, we will not only advise you personally about your desired watch, but also offer you extensive watch services, from checking the accuracy of your watch to carrying out a complete overhaul of your watch.