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A play of colors like no other – Paradise BY KIM

Strong red, deep blue, and radiant green – the colorful pieces of jewelry in the Paradise BY KIM line feature spectacular stones within this vibrant color spectrum. The Paradise rings and pendants are modern, confident and eye-catching and add a splash of color to any outfit.

The range of pieces in the Paradise BY KIM line

The Paradise BY KIM jewelry line includes rings and pendants in a total of five different colors – red, orange, green, blue, and light blue. The heart of each piece of jewelry is an opulent cabochon-cut gemstone. More colored gemstones in a trilliant cut and a wreath of sparkling brilliant-cut diamonds intensify its powerful radiance. Cool 18k white gold or clear 18k rose gold gives the items in this line a modern touch. Thanks to the tapered ring band, the rings are very comfortable to wear despite their voluminous nature. 

Your dream jewelry brought to life

The Paradise BY KIM line offers a number of opportunities for you to find or create your perfect piece of jewelry with colored gemstones. We can create a bespoke ring, pendant or earrings in the style of this particular Wempe jewelry line. Of course, the pieces of jewelry also make stunning gifts for a special occasions and we can personalize each piece with an engraving. We also offer extensive jewelry services and will gladly take care of the professional cleaning and any necessary repairs to your ring, pendant or any other piece of jewelry.