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Travel around the world with Cosmora BY KIM

From New York to Cape Town to Tokyo – in 2014, Wempe's creative director Catherine Plouchard drew inspiration from the world's metropolises to create twelve opulent rings. Various shades of gold were combined with the most exciting coloured gemstones to create pieces of jewelry that would become celebrated by the design world as masterpieces of Haute Joaillerie. The priceless pieces of art marketed under the name Cosmora BY KIM became the models for the pieces you can buy today.

Cosmora BY KIM: Legendary places made of white gold

Tokyo, Cape Town and Route 66 are just some of the impressive cities and famous sights that have inspired the timelessly beautiful and artistically crafted rings in the Cosmora BY KIM line. The limited edition Hamburg model completes the collection as it celebrates the home of Wempe. The basis of all of the pieces is the conical, curved ring bar, which is also found in the Sensual BY KIM line, and is known for being highly comfortable to wear. Each piece features at least 61 brilliant-cut diamonds (in the Cape Town model) which are all artfully arranged to give the 18k white gold rings a very special radiance.


By the way: The name Cosmora is a combination of the terms Cosmos (the universe) and Amore (love).

Custom made pieces from Cosmora BY KIM

The Cosmora BY KIM rings - both the unique pieces and the serial models - are a fantastic gift idea, especially for loved ones who like to travel a lot, as they capture memories and moments in unique pieces of jewelry. If you are looking for a personal Cosmora piece, you can commission us to make a bespoke piece of jewelry together with our jewelry experts and designers. In our studio in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany. We will be happy to create a customized Cosmora BY KIM ring or any other piece of jewelry for you.