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Chronometre FB 1

Ferdinand Berthoud

Chronometre FB 1
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Oeuvre d'or FB 1.2-1

Ferdinand Berthoud

Oeuvre d'or FB 1.2-1
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Ferdinand Berthoud:
Precision for nautical adventures

For connoisseurs of nautically inspired timepieces, the name – Ferdinand Berthoud – is very well-regarded. The historic watchmaker (1727 - 1807) from Val de Travers in the canton of Neuchâtel is considered one of the most important chronometer makers in history. As a supplier to the court and navy of the French king, Ferdinand Berthoud produced no less than 20 high-precision marine chronometers, which provided valuable services as scientific instruments in the mapping and surveying of sea areas. Under the leadership of Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, exquisite timepieces have been manufactured by this company once again since 2015, continuing the brand's legacy with a love of history and innovative features.


Historical Savoir-faire with a modern twist


Today, these exquisite timepieces, limited to just a few pieces, are created at the Chronométrie in Fleurier, one of the cradles of Swiss Haute Horlogerie. Thanks to the many resources concentrated here, the brand manages to master all aspects of watch production, from the initial conception to the finished piece. Each watch refers to a chapter of Ferdinand Berthoud's historical legacy. Among its special features are the water-resistant octagonal case in 18k rose or white gold, which, thanks to small windows in the sides, provides a glimpse into the fascinating world of the inner mechanics, the special movement architecture with its columns and the large, reduced dial, which highlights the indications, and the fine hands, which, like all of the other components, are made in-house.


Innovative chronometer quality movement technology


The extraordinary exterior, which is crafted to perfection down to the smallest detail, reflects the complexity of the interior, which is also finished to the highest standards of Swiss watchmaking. The brand's movements are equipped with a number of ancient refinements that have been handed down through the ages and are now found in only a few Haute Horlogerie masterpieces. These include the constant drive via fusee and chain, which ensures an even distribution of power, delicate tourbillons with a rare direct second hand, and the characteristic power reserve display called "Haut et Bas". These special features of the movements, which bear a chronometer certificate from the COSC, are protected by four patents.


Ferdinand Berthoud at Wempe


Wempe has been offering a hand-picked selection of Ferdinand Berthoud lines since 2020. If you can't find the model you are looking for online, we wil be happy to welcome you into one of our showrooms. Along with a personal consultation about the watch of your choice, we also offer comprehensive services for all aspects of your watch, from replacing the watch strap, to professional repairs and complete servicing.