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Modalo: Watch winders and more from Hamburg

Modalo makes watch winders of the highest quality materials in outstanding designs. Along with its range of exclusive watch cases, the company specializes in watch winders that are perfect for first time owners, collectors and watch lovers alike. The watch winders for one or more automatic watches are a popular gift idea as they are beautifully designed and will keep your watch/es in tip-top condition.

High quality materials for high quality designs

This young company understands how to mix different high-quality materials to produce outstanding watch winders. Genuine mother-of-pearl, various precious woods, carbon and the finest leather are all combined in their stunning designs that come in a wide variety of styles. Along with the perfect design, the technology is also state-of-the-art as Modalo has its finger firmly on the pulse when it comes to making the most of innovative technologies and intelligent functions.

The fact that both companies have their headquarters in Hamburg means that Modalo and Wempe share a special connection. So, it's no wonder that you can find select Modalo watch winders with us. You can buy these online or in one of our showrooms.