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Chronometerwerke Automatic

Wempe Glashütte i/SA

Chronometerwerke Automatic

Limited edition watches: Something extra special for your wrist

Many watch lovers dream of owning exclusive, limited edition watches. The knowledge that very few people in the world own the same watch is definitely an intoxicating feeling. We are happy to find and offer highly exclusive watches for you.

Limited editions and exclusive special models

Many watch brands announce their "Limited Edition" watches before their new collection is released, which makes these models the highlights of the collection. This makes some watches collectors' items before they even become available to buy. We also see the same thing happening every time a new edition of a watch icon is released but in a limited number. Often watches that are released as special models which feature fancy dial colors or one-of-a-kind bracelets released in limited numbers too. All of these models become collector's items very quickly.

The appeal of limited edition watches also applies to models produced in small numbers due to the fact that they are so intricate and labor-intensive to produce. For example, certain watches from Patek Philippe, which have particularly sophisticated complications, are among these rare finds. Another example is the legendary Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 101, which features the smallest movement in the world. Only 50 examples of this caliber are produced every year, although this has been the case since 1929. Limitations such as these make these watches some of the most sought-after models.

Limited Edition watches at Wempe

Whether you’re looking for a limited edition, special model, or the modern reissue of a vintage icon - we are just as big fans of watches as our customers are and we are always keeping an eye out for limited watch models and special releases. We are pleased to be able to offer you a selection of exclusive models in our showrooms and online. These limited edition watches are often true collector's items or are well on their way to becoming popular classics.