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Playful lightness: Electrify by Wempe Casuals

Our Electrify line is known for having some of our most rebellious pieces. Here, you will find bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings with playful elements and dynamic spirals. And each piece brings a sense of joie de vivre and freedom to the wearer. When warm gold tones meet sparkling diamonds and brilliants, a truly electrifying experience is created. Add strong colors and pendants or individual gemstones into the mix and you have vivid and fun jewellery for making a statement anytime, any place.

Electrify by Wempe Casuals: Inspired by trends

Because this jewellery line is young and lively, we pick up on trends time and again when designing pieces for our Electrify by Wempe Casuals line. In this line, you will find multi-row necklaces and pendants with colourful elements that are perfect for layering. The studs can be worn in front or behind the ear. And the other pieces of jewellery, with their lightness and dynamism, invite you to set your own trends and try out your own combinations.
Tip: The pieces of jewellery from Electrify by Wempe Casuals are perfect gifts for your best friend, for graduation from high school or university - and, of course, you can always treat yourself to one (or more) pieces.