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The everlasting beauty of gold jewellery

No other raw material is as beautiful and enduring as gold. It was one of the first metals ever to be processed by people - and has always been used for jewellery thanks to its enduring golden color. Thanks to developments in modern jewellery making, gold jewellery can now be made of cool white gold and cooler shades of rose gold too.

Gold jewellery at Wempe

At Wempe, you will find gold jewellery in all shades of gold along with gold jewellery set with diamonds, colored gemstones and inlaid with other exclusive materials. To ensure that your gold jewellery endures for years to come, we offer a comprehensive jewellery service for all of your gold items - from professional cleaning and polishing to the testing and repairing the stone settings and clasps.

Where does gold jewellery get its color from?

Pure gold is too soft to hold its shape forever so goldsmiths have to add other metals to the gold when they use it to make jewellery. Not only does this make the gold jewellery more durable, but it also means that gold jewellery can be made in other colors. To make different shades of rose gold, copper is added, palladium is used to make white gold and warm yellow gold is the result of combining fine gold, silver, copper, and zinc.