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Engagement rings at Wempe: Rings to say “yes” to

No other piece of jewelry has to be as perfect as the engagement ring. The color, the size of the stone, and the stone setting, all of these details are equally important for getting that yes from your loved one. The classic engagement ring is a solitaire ring, with its understated white-gold band crowned with a single diamond. At Wempe, however, you can also find engagement rings in other shades of gold, with a single diamond setting, or with a trendy trilogy design, which features a larger diamond flanked by two smaller diamonds or gemstones.

Exceptional cuts and settings for your engagement ring

Three of our BY KIM and Wempe jewelry lines stand out most for their exquisite lines of engagement rings: Promise BY KIM, Splendora BY KIM, and One by Wempe Classics. The former focuses primarily on solitaire rings, while the latter play with a number of different features. Splendora, in particular, stands out not only for its jewelry lines but also for its diamond setting, which was exclusively developed by Wempe. What makes the Splendora setting unique is that a Wempe-Cut® diamond crowns it. With 137 facets, 80 more than that of a classic brilliant cut, pieces of jewelry that feature a Wempe-Cut® diamond shimmer and sparkle like no others.

Our service for your engagement ring

To ensure that your precious ring remains a surprise right up to the end, you will have to buy a ring that will fit before the big proposal. To do this, try to find out your loved one’s ring size in advance. If you’re unsure which size is right or which design your beloved might like, we will be happy to advise you personally in one of our branches. If you would like to personalize your engagement ring, we can also help by making adjustments or putting an engraving onto the ring’s band. And if your proposal is successful, we can also help you to find wedding rings, bridal jewelry, and everything the groom needs on the big day.